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Handmade items, jewelry, ceramics, mosaics, silkscreens, bags, soaps, women’s beauty products, and special and unique types of gifts.

Kubara” is a little colorful design store in the heart of Aegina island with a carefully selected collection of products, such as conceptual jewelry , decorative items, modern pottery creations, personal accessories, homeware, clothing, stationery, modern souvenirs, cards & prints, all of them designed & made with love in Greece.

“Since 2018, we are searching all around Greece to find something you will fall in love with, something to remember…”

Projects and original artwork by Greek artists, architects, designers, handcrafters but also artists from all over the world who have chosen to live and make art in Greece, can be found in store. Over 100 creators from all sectors of design, define the greek souvenir, the greek heritage, the greek architectural aesthetic, the greek way of living,  overturning the folklore stereotypes and introducing a New Greek identity, focusing on geometry, minimal -but not only- aesthetic, sarcastic statements and modern graphistic  interferences!

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When you purchase a piece from “Kubara” you can do knowing that you support  small businesses & their employers, small –but miraculous – independent brands and talented creators!

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