“Plato” statue s

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“Philosophy Begins in Wonder”

PLATO 427-347 BC:  Philosopher and founder  of Athens ACADEMY, considered first university in Western World. Devoted to Socrates, teacher and colleague of Aristotle. Wrote dialogues dealing with questions and essays on politics and education, had significant influence on early Christianity. Central doctrine: the realm of ideas.
He said: Ignorance is the root of every evil.

Weight: 300 gr
Dimension: 13,5×5,5x5cm
Material: ceramine

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Small statues of some of the most influential ancients Greek philoshophers.
Due to the handcrafted nature of the items there is the possibility of small imperfections!

Designed and made in Greece.

  • Ceramine is a mixture of earthy and marble powders, which imitates the ancient Greek recipe. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly material.

LOOK AFTER: Use damp cloth and wipe. Avoid using proprietary cleaning products.

SOPHIA – Enjoy Thinking is a brand which strives to evoke the authenticity deeply engraved on ancient Greek cultural heritage of Grece through ethical trade and collaborative processes.
Based on our history’s concept of beauty, health, endurance, strength, victory and wisdom, and inspired by all those things that have remained constant, beautiful, authentic and true, “Enjoy thinking” collection is an ever growing line of handmade home accessories.



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