“The Archer” notebook

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“The Archer”notebook απο την συλλογή “All conquering love”


“The Archer” απο την συλλογή “All conquering love”. Πρωτότυπο σκίτσο της Περσεφόνης Λαλιώτη.

“If i had to choose a fighter – a brutal assassin – someone who wields man and god equally. If i needed a sweetly cruel champion, Love would be the one. Commonly known as The Archer.”

50 λευκές σελίδες, σκληρό εξώφυλλο.

Notebooks inspired, designed & printed in Aegina by @persephonicart "Bitter"notebook - Kubara Shop - Handcrafted items by Greek artists and designers, modern souvenirs, gifts a “persona” who lives, works and creates various artistic projects on the island of Aegina.

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