Coconut & Pineapple / natural soy wax

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Summer mixture of coconut and pineapple, sweet and cool aroma that will take you to exotic places.

Aroma type: Fruity & Chypre
Aroma intensity: Strong

30 – 35 hours of burning.

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soybean wax from Candlemaker’s “painted” collection.

8 cm x 7,5cm. Weight 480 gr, 170ml. 30-35 burning hours.

Handmade in Greece, high quality, 100% natural & zero waste candles by Candlemaker.

Each container is hand-painted, each product we ship may differ slightly 
from the images shown, as it is handmade.
Candle from the Painted series uses vegetable soy wax, which is placed in 
hand-painted glass containers.They have a wooden lid so that the aroma is trapped
when the candle is extinguished and a wooden wick for extra atmosphere during 
the burning!
After burning the candle, you can easily wash the glass with dish soap and 
hot water and reuse it either as a decoration or as a storage utensil.

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